Enlightenment of Life Transformation

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts” - Swami Sivananda 

“Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing” - Torquato Tasso 

“Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold”- Bob Marley

Transforming once life is not easy, but if one is successful at doing so, it is a very rewarding achievement, and meaningful for this life.  Much wisdom is necessary for efficient management of one life; it is hard to keep track of everything and most importantly to remember it all and use it at effectively transforming the life.  Despite of many constraints and practical challenges, many of those who are privileged, well-off may have access to find ways and means to acquire the knowledge and techniques, and benefit from it. What about the under privileged, poor and down trodden in the societies? Are they not eligible, can they be deprived of this knowledge? Every soul in the planet is the same, and is part of one WHOLE, irrespective of which body it assumes, and what life it lives.  nLIT stands for 

nLIT stands for “Enlightenment of Life Transformation” is an initiative of JM to serve the humanity to its best. It is said ‘Enlightenment’ is a final blessed state of a being marked by the absence of desire or suffering; knowing the TRUTH and realising one’s SELF. At this juncture, sincerely we believe we are not merely fit and entitled to contribute for this highest divine service. Before ending every life, the SOUL expects to gain this state as it has been the purpose of every life. nLIT is aimed at providing awareness, understanding, insight, education, learning, knowledge, information, wisdom leading to illumination and awakening that brings transformation in one’s life towards the true ‘Enlightenment’.  

nLIT would render this social service as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) in various forms, including pamphlets, lectures, talks, articles, blogs and motivational audios and videos. The program aims at providing a structured approach that will progressively bring forward the knowledge one need to know to do better life management and self-empowerment. This structured approach will progressively guide one in the steps they must take for the successful transformation of your life by effectively managing one’s beliefs, actions, and behaviours. nLIT is designed to present one with the knowledge and tools to start the transformation of people’s life, though appear to be very basic. Transformation must start from its inherent basics and actions to get the desired results. Some of the focus areas that would be handled in this process are, Healing from past, Managing perspectives, Controlling mood, Managing physical environment, Managing fitness needs and Managing nutrition needs. 

The beneficiaries of nLIT program are those needy poor and less-privileged- elders and children, educated and illiterates. The requirement of the beings are only those willing to be more effective at fulfilling their desires, willing to have fewer problems and willing to have better control over their lives, and seek the truth. No one in this world is an ALL-KNOWER, so we too have our limitations with our knowledge, being a mere human; but we are keen to acquire more wisdom and truth from those souls we work with.

Welcome, those who have strong urge and eagerness for self-discovery and self-empowerment, open mind and willingness to give and receive and willingness to invest efforts and strive for a better life may volunteer and may come forward to assist us in nLIT program. Let us earn good karma, and strengthen our karmic balance for a filling and meaningful life.